Custom made bracelets

Names, Runic charms, Elvish messages, curly dragons, Celtic leaf patterns or other designs hand stamped on a band of tough red bronze, stainless steel or hallmarked sterling silver, strong enough to bend to fit and spring on and off without cracking. Not only very suitable for re-enactment but a unique personal gift.

I can write Old Futhark Runes, Anglo-Saxon, Danish and Dwarvish Runes, Elvish Tengwar and Celtic script as standard, for other systems I will need a design to copy! (For the knowledgeable, the mode of Tengwar I use was devised by the Tolkien Society for transcribing English: if you want another mode, please email an image.)

Bronze is 80% copper, so a bronze bracelet brings the same benefits as a copper one but is less likely to break.

Bronze and steel bracelets are flat 12mm wide. Silver are either the same for £52.50, or half round 4mm wide for £32.50.

The normal limit is 20 characters (for Elvish don't count vowels); longer inscriptions are negotiable. IMPORTANT: Enter the text you want in the "Comments" box on the checkout page.

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